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Our company’s priority is to manufacture and deliver top quality products and to cater comprehensively for the needs and requirements of our Customers and Business Partners.
Company's profile GS Herbs company has been operating on the market since 1991. Our factory and manufacturing warehouse are located in Beni Swief - Egypt, Egypt . Our company's activity is focused on exporting dried herbs, spices and seeds, seasonings and herbal and spices blend. We also offer our Clients organic products that suits the European standards. Through personal attention to the needs of our Customers, the company is establishing stronger position in the Egyptian and abroad market.

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Gs Herbs is a family owned company; it was founded in 1995 as a grower and producer of herbs, spices and vegetables, then we started manufacturing our own production to be distributed by the local exporting agents and offices, afterwards we decided to export our own production ourselves, Thus we developed our machine lines to make the production 90%machine treated.

Our markets

We export our production to the world wide i.e. Germany, Netherlands, Spain, U.K, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chili………etc.


Support our customers with high quality products and modern production technology, and show to them our utmost service and flexibility and do our GS in order to consent their needs. Quality and Safety of our products are our main forefront of our efforts.


We aim to impress with the raw materials we process without compromising on quality and service. We want to be nationwide, the alternative in the herbs and spices segment


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Somusta, Beni Suef Governorate , Egypt

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